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We welcome patients of all ages to our office and take a holistic approach to your treatment in order to design treatment plans that will promote your oral and overall well-being. Our team offers a full range of services, and we will work with you to help you enjoy all the benefits of excellent oral health.

When your tooth has suffered minor or moderate damage, whether from cavities and decay or minor fracturing and chipping, our team will likely recommend a dental filling to restore the tooth to its original beauty and function. Our office uses no mercury in any of our treatments or products, opting for composite and tooth-colored filling materials instead. This ensures your restored smile looks natural and stays healthy for years to come. Some other benefits of composite fillings include:

  • Increased Structural Integrity — Because composite bonds to your tooth, it strengthens the remaining natural tooth structure.
  • Greater Security — Unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings are less likely to cause cracking or fracturing in the treated tooth.
  • Less Tooth Sensitivity — Composite material provides insulation from temperature changes caused by foods and beverages.
  • Increased Durability — Composite seals better around the edges of the damaged area, increasing the tooth’s resistance to decay and leaks.
  • More Versatility — Composite fillings can address cavities that are too small for amalgam fillings.
  • Easier to Maintain — Composite fillings can be repaired and replaced without being removed from the tooth.
  • Safer — No mercury or other metals are used in your composite filling, making for a safer filling.

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