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We welcome patients of all ages to our office and take a holistic approach to your treatment in order to design treatment plans that will promote your oral and overall well-being. Our team offers a full range of services, and we will work with you to help you enjoy all the benefits of excellent oral health.

At our holistic office, we do not recommend any products or use any materials in our treatments that contain mercury, and our team offers metal-free dentistry as a holistic alternative for your oral health. As opposed to using metal options for treatments such as dental crowns, bridges and fillings, we use biocompatible materials without metal. That is, our office uses porcelain, ceramic and other materials that match the color of natural teeth. These tooth-colored materials offer both a natural look and a healthier smile. Nonmetallic materials lessen hot and cold sensitivity and allow you to avoid risks related to having metal in your mouth. In the case of composite dental fillings, they can reinforce damaged teeth and tooth structure.

SMART Amalgam Removal Technique

For over 100 years, dental amalgam has been used to fill and restore teeth, and there are some dentists who still use it today. However, because dental amalgam consists of a mixture of silver, mercury, tin, copper and other trace metals, amalgam fillings have been known to release small amounts of mercury into your body, which is harmful to your overall health. Composite fillings offer a safer and more natural looking alternative to amalgam fillings. While composite fillings strengthen your natural tooth structure, metal fillings often eventually lead to the affected tooth fracturing or cracking. Where amalgam fillings are metallic, composite fillings are tooth colored and easily blended to match a specific patients smile. It is no wonder that some patients with amalgam fillings seek out safe dental amalgam removal to preserve their smile for years to come.

Have silver fillings in your mouth that you want removed? Dr. Kamila Husain is certified in the SMART amalgam removal technique and is dedicated to the health and wellness of each patient who visits U Sparkle Dental. Often, our team can complete an amalgam removal in a single appointment.

We welcome you to contact us today to learn about the risks associated with specific metals and the benefits of holistic, metal-free dentistry. Our team will answer your questions and schedule a consultation.

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