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We welcome patients of all ages to our office and take a holistic approach to your treatment in order to design treatment plans that will promote your oral and overall well-being. Our team offers a full range of services, and we will work with you to help you enjoy all the benefits of excellent oral health.

Laser dentistry encompasses any dental treatment which our dentist and team perform with a dental laser, and many of our patients are surprised by the number of services we provide that can be made more comfortable, convenient and effective with this tool. As a team that prioritizes continual education, we do our best to stay on top of the latest breakthroughs in dental techniques and technology, focusing on what we provide to make your experience with our team more pleasant and efficient. We can even use laser dentistry to enhance your routine dental cleanings.

While our team is creating your customized dental treatment plan, we may recommend laser dentistry to:

  • Remove bacteria and infected tissue during gum disease treatment
  • Harden (cure) a dental filling
  • Remove decayed or damaged sections of tooth
  • Treat cold or canker sores
  • Enhance your teeth whitening treatment
  • Perform cosmetic gum contouring

In addition to making your treatment faster, dental lasers are also more comfortable than traditional approaches to dentistry, and they can often eliminate the need for dental anesthetic. Because of their precision and accuracy, they can also minimize bleeding, shorten the healing period following your treatment and reduce your risk of infection. To learn more about how our time may be able to make your next dental treatment more comfortable using dental lasers, call or visit our office today.

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