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Houston Teeth Whitening

Want a Dazzling White Smile?

Try Professional Teeth Whitening in Houston

At USPARKLE we want our patients to have healthy, beautiful teeth so they can feel good about their smiles. That’s why we offer professional-strength teeth whitening treatments to fade away stains and discoloration and leave you with a whiter, brighter smile. Our in-office whitening treatments are quick, easy and comfortable. The treatment will be more effective if you schedule a dental cleaning before your whitening session so that we apply the whitening compound to a clean tooth surface where it can do the most good. Ready to enjoy a whiter smile? Just contact us to set up your appointment.

Whiter Teeth Keep Me Looking Young

"I used to hate seeing my smile because my teeth were so yellow and I felt like they made me look so old! I drink lots of coffee which has stained my teeth, and sometimes I don’t brush like I should which doesn’t help. I had tried using whitening toothpaste but it didn’t work. I mentioned it to Dr. Husain and she explained that professional teeth whitening treatments are stronger and can give a better result. I tried it and wow was I impressed with the result! My teeth really did get a lot whiter and now I don’t feel like I have teeth like a grandma anymore. Dr. Husain also gave me some great advice about keeping my teeth white after treatment.

What to Expect from Professional Teeth Whitening at USPARKLE

Professional teeth whitening at USPARKLE is safe, comfortable, and effective. Dr. Husain will make a point of explaining each step of the treatment to you and making sure you are comfortable throughout the process. The first step in your professional teeth whitening session will actually be a dental cleaning designed to remove plaque and tartar as well as some minor surface stains. Once a hygienist has prepped your teeth with a cleaning, Dr. Husain will ensure your gums are protected and then apply the professional-strength teeth whitening products. Then you’ll just sit back and relax while the whitening compounds do their work, fading away stains and discoloration. After the treatment, you’ll see that your teeth have whitened several shades. Contact us to get the process started!

Our At-Home Whitening Kits are Convenient and Effective

We can also provide take-home whitening kits for patients who are really dedicated to getting teeth whitening in Encino on a regular basis. When combined with in-office treatments, these kits can help keep your teeth whiter longer. Our kits feature professional teeth whitening products, making them more effective than the kits you can buy at your local drug store. Plus, our kits feature trays that are custom-shaped to fit your mouth, making them more comfortable than those over the counter products as well. Feel free to ask Dr. Husain about these kits at your next visit. He’ll be happy to help you come up with a plan for using in-office and at-home whitening to achieve your teeth whitening goals.

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

With such a wide variety of at-home whitening products like toothpaste, mouthwashes, whitening strips and whitening trays available for purchase, you might think that you don’t need professional teeth whitening in Houston. However, the truth is that the professional whitening treatments Dr. Husain provides at USPARKLE are more effective than over-the-counter whitening treatments. When you come to us for your whitening needs, you can enjoy access to stronger whitening compounds that will deliver more dramatic whitening results. Plus, the fact that you are supervised by an experienced dentist during treatment offers safety and peace of mind. If whitening without worrying about gum irritation or dealing with messy, uncomfortable strips and trays appeals to you, call us at (713) 800-4200 today.

Make Your Teeth Whitening Treatment Last

After your treatment, Dr. Husain will provide valuable advice about how to keep your newly whitened teeth brighter longer. For instance, you should definitely avoid smoking or drinking beverages like tea, coffee, red wine or dark soda that can stain teeth. If you want to drink these beverages, rinsing your mouth with water afterward can help reduce the staining effect. Dr. Husain will also recommend products like whitening toothpaste or whitening mouthwash, which you can use after your treatment to try to keep new stains from forming too quickly. Using our at-home whitening kits can also help you keep your teeth looking bright and white after your teeth whitening treatment.

A Whiter Smile is Only a Click Away!

Are you ready to brighten your teeth with professional teeth whitening? Please contact us to schedule an appointment.