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Ozone, or O3, is a powerful antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites and facilitates the natural healing process. Ozone therapy is painless and free of side effects.

Dr. Husain uses ozone as a supplemental treatment during different procedures. One of the most effective uses of ozone in dentistry is to treat early decay, ozone treatment can provide complete healing while maintaining healthy enamel. If the cavities are large and have to be drilled and filled, then ozone application is used to ensure that the cavity is bacteria free, prior to filling the cavity.

In addition, the application of ozone has shown to instantly relieve pain and sensitivity which is the most common patient complaint.

Our mouths naturally have bacteria, however some of them can be harmful to our teeth and gums. After deep cleanings ozone helps to kill the microorganisms in the gum pockets. Ozone being a gas travels easily to deeper areas and has shown to promote healing.

Ozonated oils can also be used topically to cure oral lesions, herpes, and candidiasis without any harmful effects like the antibiotics.

In addition to all these therapeutic uses, we use ozonated water in our water lines to keep it free of germs. These water lines supply our ultrasonic, high speed handpieces, and air and water syringes.

Dr. Kamila Husain strongly recommends and implements the use of ozone therapy.