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Houston Dentures

If you have lost any teeth, whether it be just a few or all of them, dentures and partial dentures are a great way to restore the look of your smile. Partial dentures fit over your existing teeth to fill a gap or even out your smile, while complete dentures replace entire rows of teeth.

Benefits of Dentures and Partial Dentures

  • They fill out your mouth, giving shape back to the rest of your face.
  • They look natural and allow you to talk, eat, and smile normally.
  • If any of your natural teeth remain, partial dentures fill in the gaps and keep teeth from shifting.
  • They distribute pressure evenly when you chew.
  • They’re removable, so they won’t get in the way of your oral hygiene routine.
  • They last a long time with proper care.

Houston Dentures and Partial Dentures Procedure

Getting your dentures or partial dentures from our Houston office will require a few appointments to be sure they fit correctly. During your first appointment, your Houston dentist will take an impression of your mouth so that the dentures can be made to fit. You will then work with your Houston dentures dentist to select a color for the false teeth that look natural with the rest of your mouth. The mold will be sent off to a lab, and you’ll have to return in a few weeks for another appointment.

At your second appointment, your Houston dentures dentist will check the fit of your new dentures. If the fit or color is off or if they’re uncomfortable in any way, they will be sent back for modification. Once you’re happy with the look and feel of your new dentures, your Houston dentist will give you instructions on proper care, and you’ll be all set!

If you’re interested in complete dentures or partial dentures, contact our Houston office to make an appointment today!