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Houston Dental Veneers & Laminates

As a Houston cosmetic dentist, we offer a variety of services including dental veneers and laminates. These are used in a variety of dental procedures that make smiles beautiful. Veneers turn an imperfect smile into something stunning. They are made from resin composite or porcelain and made at a dental lab or in our office. Patients can use veneers to cover all, or a portion, of their teeth. If the veneer is only covering one or a couple of teeth, the color will be matched to the patients existing tooth color after a thorough teeth cleaning. At USPARKLE, we recommend veneers and laminates for patients looking to:

  • Brighten their smile by covering intense discoloration.
  • Repair chips or cracks in their teeth.
  • Create a uniform smile.
  • Fill spaces in between teeth.

Doctor Kamila Husain meets with each patient considering veneers to discuss the viability of placing them, the patient’s overall oral health, and the steps taken during the procedure. The mold will then be made of the patient’s mouth and the colors selected. The dental lab technicians at USPARKLE Houston will create custom veneers with the perfect fit to brighten and enhance our patient’s smiles.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin sheets of porcelain that are shaped and then bonded to the front of your tooth. They’re ideal in situations where a tooth has become discolored, chipped, or otherwise damaged. Porcelain veneers look natural and can completely transform the look of your smile, giving you the straight, even teeth of your dreams. They also are more stain-resistant than your tooth’s natural enamel, so if you tend to struggle with staining from too much coffee or tea, dental porcelain veneers could be a solution for you.

Benefits of Porcelain Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are an ideal option for many reasons.

  • They easily cover damaged or discolored teeth, restoring your smile.
  • Dental veneers give the appearance of even teeth.
  • Dental veneers hold up to normal eating and drinking.
  • They’re custom-fitted to your teeth for a natural look.
  • Porcelain veneers resist staining to prevent future discoloration.
  • Dental veneers are durable, sometimes lasting for up to ten years, and are easily replaced if they crack or fall off.

Houston Dental Veneer Procedure

During your appointment, your Houston dental veneers dentist will shape your tooth and remove a tiny bit of enamel so that the dental veneer will not protrude farther than the rest of your teeth. You will then be matched with a shade of porcelain that matches the rest of your teeth. If you would like to have your teeth whitened beforehand, your cosmetic porcelain veneer dentist in Houston will do that at this stage to ensure a proper match.

Your Houston dental veneers dentist will then take an impression of your mouth so that a custom dental veneer can be created. Once this step is complete, the dental veneer is bonded to your tooth for a secure fit.

Please note that porcelain veneers may crack or break with rough usage. Avoid biting down on hard objects with your dental veneers to keep them looking new.

If you’re ready for an even smile, call our Houston office to schedule a dental veneer consultation today!