Houston Family Dentist

When you become a patient of USPARKLE, we are your primary care provider for dental services. We offers preventive care and education, treatment for dental problems, and when necessary, makes referrals to trusted specialists. As gatekeeper to oral health, USPARKLE’s general dentistry keeps Houston patients smiling with healthy teeth and mouths. Regular care through proper hygiene and advanced preventative dentistry can help you avoid most of the conditions that negatively affect your smile. Keep your smile looking beautiful with the most advanced and comprehensive care provided by Dr. Kamila Husain and her team.

Family dentistry in Houston

  • Hygiene – Professional dental cleanings and thorough examinations catch potential problems early, when they may be treated most effectively, economically, and with the least possible discomfort.
  • Periodontal maintenance – Evaluation, deep cleaning, and special products to use at home halt the progress of gum disease. Maintaining periodontal health also helps to preserve your teeth and facial bone.
  • Endodontics – When you need root canal treatment, you typically need it now. We reserve time in our daily schedule for this type of dental emergency.
  • Same day restorations – Dental crowns restore teeth with large areas of decay or breakage. Crowns also provide strength and protection for teeth that have had root canal therapy.
  • Extractions – When you need an extraction, wouldn’t you rather relax in the hands of the dental team you know and trust? We handle simple and surgical extractions, on-site.

At USPARKLE, our goal is to provide top-quality care to each patient. Our focus is preventing oral problems, and utilizing advanced techniques to resolve those that do occur with minimal discomfort and disruption to your busy schedule. Call (713) 800-4200 for family dentistry in Houston.

The extra care your child deserves

As your little one grows from infancy to childhood, teen years, and adult, dental needs also change. USPARKLE may recommend sealants to dramatically reduce risk of cavities in back molars. A custom-fit mouth guard will help to prevent your budding athlete from broken teeth, oral injuries, and possibly concussion. The dentist will talk with your teen about self-image, and peer pressure choices that affect oral health, such as tobacco, alcohol, and oral piercings.

Routine pediatric visits include:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Thorough check for cavities
  • Periodontal screening to detect gum disease
  • Digital x-rays
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Monitoring oral development and need for orthodontics

Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

Studies reveal that more frequent cleanings are recommended to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Doctor Kamila Husain, DDS agrees and many of her patients are experiencing less dental trouble by having cleanings every 3-6 months. However, there are still certain situations where six-month cleanings are the recommended treatment.

Cavity Detection & Fillings

Catching small areas of decay early saves tooth structure and thereby helps keep your teeth for a lifetime. Minor tooth decay, or cavities, can sometimes require a filling to prevent further destruction of the tooth. Traditionally, amalgam (silver) fillings were placed in the cleaned-out portion of the tooth. Now an undetectable, tooth-colored, resin filling is used to repair your tooth.

Teeth Whitening

Picture yourself with a smile so stunning it will turn heads! Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you! A beautiful smile will give you more confidence and make you look and feel younger. With so many reasons to smile, don’t let your teeth hold you back.

Root Canals

The term “root canal” inspires fear when it should inspire admiration. The Houston root canal procedure is often the only way a badly decayed or damaged tooth can be saved. Thanks to this procedure, destructive bone loss that comes with missing teeth is avoided. With new and improved high tech electric root canal hand pieces, one-visit root canal treatments are easier and faster than ever before. Trauma can cause damage to the nerve tissue inside your tooth. A root canal is sometimes needed to remove the infected and inflamed tissue, or pulp, from the root canal. Dr. Husain will fill the canal with an inert material and the procedure is completed with the placement of a filling, or in some cases, a crown. Despite what you might have heard, the pain involved during a root canal is minimal, especially compared to the pain and discomfort you may feel before the procedure. Dr. Kamila Husain takes advantage of the latest advances in technology and dental techniques to make your root canal procedure more effective and take less time.

Children’s Dentistry

Oral health is a journey that ideally starts at a very young age with your child’s first visit to USPARKLE. As your child gets older, new considerations arise, yet regular professional checkups and cleanings combined with effective at-home care should be constant. One-stop dental care is what many of our patients are asking form. Children are welcome and are shown how easy and fun their first visit can be.