Houston Dental Fillings

Dental restorations (or fillings) are often necessary to improve a patient’s oral health and to prevent further damage and decay. This dental procedure is most often used when patients suffer from severe cavities and part of the tooth material has to be removed. As a Houston family dentist, Dr. Husain will remove the infected or damaged area of the tooth that is then filled with an alternative material such as dental composites (white fillings), or porcelain. By removing and replacing the damaged portion of the tooth, we are able to prevent further pain and decay. Once the dental restoration is complete patients can eat normally without fear of discomfort. Call us to discuss different cost-effective restorative material options.

Fillings are no longer the silver-colored metal of decades past. Our office is happy to offer tooth-colored resin fillings that look natural and don’t affect the look of your smile. If you currently have metal fillings and would like them replaced, we’re happy to remove them and fit you with resin fillings instead.

Benefits to Resin Fillings

There are many reasons to opt for tooth-colored resin fillings over traditional metal fillings.

  • They’re virtually undetectable, blending seamlessly in with the rest of your tooth.
  • They don’t contain mercury as silver fillings do.
  • They bond with the enamel of your tooth for a better fit.
  • They dry in minutes, rather than the hours a metal filling requires.
  • They last just as long as their metal counterparts and are easier to repair or replace.

Procedure for Resin Fillings

Your dentist will begin the procedure by injecting you with a local anesthetic to numb any discomfort you might experience. The tooth is then cleaned and any decay is removed, leaving a small gap or hole in the tooth. A bonding solution is applied to the area to help the resin stick, and the gap is then filled with the resin which is molded to fit your tooth.

The resin cures in minutes under a UV light, and as soon as the anesthetic wears off, you can return to eating and drinking normally. You may notice some discomfort after the procedure—over-the-counter pain medication should help with any pain or swelling. You may also notice that the tooth feels a bit strange once it’s filled, but this is normal. It might take a few days for your mouth to adjust to the feeling.

Fillings don’t have to be a big deal. If you’re ready to tackle tooth decay with our natural-looking resin fillings, book an appointment with our office today!