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Dental Care for Kids

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10 Jun

Dental Care for Kids

Children’s dental care should begin with the first erupted tooth. This involves more than just regular teeth cleaning, but also knowing how to teach your child proper oral hygiene practices that will last a lifetime.

Children’s Dental Care at Home

Start your journey into dentistry for children, by first learning the correct way to brush a youngster’s teeth. Infants and toddlers require a super soft toothbrush and fluoride-free gel designed for your children’s oral health. As kids grow older, encourage them to care for their teeth and gums by providing colorful tools with popular character themes that make dental care for kid’s fun. Demonstrate the proper way to floss and brush teeth in gentle, circular motions, close to the gum line. Also, encourage kids to clean their teeth after each meal.

Children and Loose Teeth

By the age of six, baby teeth start to wiggle and become looser. It is okay to allow your child to wiggle a loose tooth around until it dislodges on its own. Letting nature take its course, instead of pulling it out, it will minimize bleeding and pain.

Tooth Decay and Cavities

When sugary foods linger in the mouth for an extended time, cavities may develop. The bacteria present on teeth feast on leftover food debris and the plaque acid it produces erodes tooth enamel. Saliva clears this acid away from teeth, but if your child snacks frequently, it may be difficult or impossible for the damaging acid to get washed away with the saliva flow.

Pediatric Dentist for Kids

The thought of dental care for kids should not make parents feel overwhelmed. Children need to be involved in their own oral health plan, as much as possible. This will help them feel more empowered and excited about maintaining their oral hygiene. A pediatric dentist will know how to make your child feel at ease during dental cleanings and exams. Children’s dentist offices typically provide toys, movies, and a kid-friendly atmosphere that help children relax and look forward to dentist visits. An experienced pediatric dentist will review proper dental care for kids and refer you to additional oral health resources.

Dentistry for Children Overview

The best approach is to start the process early and take good care of your kid’s first set of teeth, Eventually, the baby teeth will fall out, but until they do, this is an important functional set of teeth used to help your child bite, chew and speak. During a pediatric dentist visit, many of the same evaluation and treatment methods that are used on adults, apply to kids as well, including dental sealants, fillings, cleanings, orthodontics and more.

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